Another Axe on Islam’s Crazy Train | Frontpage Mag

Another Axe on Islam’s Crazy Train | Frontpage Mag

DOES THIS SURPRISE ANYONE?  It is time for Europe to awaken before they lose their country to these migrants.  Are you going to continue to be “Politically Correct” until they kill you all?  So happy that we now have a President who is protecting Americans from these jihadists in refugee clothing.

At a Dusseldorf train station, Fatmir, a Muslim “refugee” from Kosovo, went on a killing spree with an axe.   His victims included several adults and a 13-year-old girl.  The authorities are blaming the attack on that familiar standby; drug and psychological problems.

The question I would like to ask is who are the crazies here?  Is it the Migrant swinging an axe at a train station?  Or is it the officials that allowing him to get away with this!!!  These same officials claim that this is not jihad this is a lone wolf with problems and has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  Is there something in the water in Germany that they are drinking?  The reporters actually said that Muslims get very confused when they drive and they don’t realize that they have run over a crowd of people.  Who in their right minds believes this?

I hope that the people in Germany awaken from this nonsense and vote in someone who will help them to get their country back.  This is simply madness.

Our governments are lying and out of their mind.

Source: Another Axe on Islam’s Crazy Train | Frontpage Mag

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