Feminists In Sweden Flee ‘No Go’ Zones Overrun With Islamic Refugees | Daily Wire

Feminists In Sweden Flee ‘No Go’ Zones Overrun With Islamic Refugees | Daily Wire

It is a shame that the Swedish government does not care about their own citizens.  This article was such an eye opener. One woman Nalin Pekgul had to move away from her home where she lived for over 30 years to get away from the rapes, assault and their “morality police”  who try to control how women should act.  She tried to stop them by having meetings in a coffee shop with other Swedes and she was forced to give those up.  My question is. where is the assimilation?  When immigrants come into any country they are asked to assimilate to that countries customs.  When my great parents came from France they learned English.  We only spoke French within the family.  This is NOT happening in Europe with the “refugees” from Syria.  Women are being raped, people are being assaulted and they are trying to force the Swedish to live under Sharia law.

People need to open their eyes to the truth.  These are NOT refugees.  Refugees are helpless women and children.  These are strong men who should have stayed in Syria and fought for their country.  They are on jihad and in a few years the European culture of these countries will be gone.  What a shame that Sweden cannot see this and stop them.




As refugees from Islamic countries pour into Sweden, feminists there have had enough and are fleeing suburbs after a slew of rapes and sexual assaults. Famed feminist Nalin Pekgul, who called attention to the rising insecurity of women in the suburbs, says she now avoids the center of town in Tensta, where she lived for 30 years. And the former Left Party official Zeliha Dagli moved from Husby to the inner city.

Source: Feminists In Sweden Flee ‘No Go’ Zones Overrun With Islamic Refugees | Daily Wire

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