What Happens During a Month of Multiculturalism in Britain….

What Happens During a Month of Multiculturalism in Britain….

Does Multiculturalism bother anyone else as much as it is bothering me?  As an American, I am so sick and tired of tip-toeing around Muslims!!!  I feel that as an American I have the right to speak out on this.  I  had great grandparents who came from both France and Ireland and they all assimilated into the American culture.  I can remember asking my French grandmother to share some French language with me but it was only at home.  She always said that as American we learn English and we follow the laws of this land.

When I would go and spend summers with my Grandmother she would tell me how wonderful America is and how blessed she felt to be raised here.  She would tell me stories of what is like to have her Maman and Papa to come from Nice and then Quebec and finally be allowed into the United States. She learned English, she raised 10 children and when her children wanted to speak French she told them no.  She would say “We are Americans now. We will speak English.” That is what we call assimilation.  They followed the rules and the government did not coddle them. If they broke the law they would have been deported.  It was really just that simple.  Being allowed into America is NOT a right it is a privilege.

So when I see things like this article on how British girls should breast ironing so that they will not be attractive to Muslim men it makes me want to vomit!  How about they act like real men and have self-control.

As I continue it talks about allowing a Muslim preacher to talk about Sharia Law and how it was permissible to cut kill homosexuals, stone people for adultery, and cut off the hands of people who were thieves.  he went on to say that it was very beneficial to society.

I can tell you that I would NEVER want to live in a society that had Sharia Law.  It is a very barbaric and something that should never be allowed in a civilized country.

Then in two of Britains largest supermarket chains, they refused to sell Easter eggs that told the story of Christianity because they were offensive to Muslims.  When I read this I couldn’t believe that this was happening in Britain.  They host country and they are not supposed to assimilate to Muslims.  The migrants that come to England are supposed to assimilate to British Society.  it is like everything is turned around.  It is crazy and so very sad to see what is happening to a once great country.   I would love to know what you think about this.

Source: Gatestone Institute

Teresa is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother residing in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Though she first found Jesus in 1971, it wasn't until 2009, when she was diagnosed with lung cancer, that she truly drew near to Jesus and began living her life to serve Him. Though she was told that the outlook was bleak, by the grace of God and the amazing surgeons and oncologists He brought into her life, Teresa is now 8 years cancer free. She has since devoted her time to sharing the Good News of the gospel with all those she meets and talks to in person and online. She serves as a counselor and "grandma" on several different websites, offering counseling advice and prayer to believers and non-believers searching for answers. Teresa also has a passion for prophecy and the imminent rapture of the church and spends much of her time sharing news stories and Scripture indicating all of the prophecy happening in our world, everyday, before our very eyes.

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