Macron: Africa Needs Fewer Children

As I was reading the article President Macron thinks that Africa should have to face a little population control before they are given any financial aid.  How do they propose to do this?  Who are they to tell the African people how many babies they should have.  Macron was complaining that many of them had seven to 8 children. I think that we are seeing a dark side to the European countries who want the African women to be forced to have abortions or sterilization before they will give them money.


Macron said this at the G20 summit:

Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, Macron was “asked by an Ivory Coast journalist how many G20 members would be willing to commit to an African Marshall Plan – referring to the post-war reconstruction funding program for Europe – the Frenchman surprised listeners by saying he did not think this would be a viable solution to Africa’s problems,” according to Breitbart London.

“The Marshall Plan was a reconstruction plan, a material plan [for a stable region],” he said. “The problems Africa faces are completely different … and are civilizational,” he went on.

“What are the problems? Failed states, complex democratic transitions, and extremely difficult demographic transitions.”

Macron took aim at countries that “have seven or eight children per woman,” referring to countries like Niger, where at least 50 per cent of the population are reported to be 14 or under.

“As of today, spending billions of dollars outright would stabilize nothing,” he concluded.

If this does happen it will set a precedent for the same thing to happen in other countries as well. This is something that I believe is very dangerous and something that we should all be against. I would never want anyone to dictate to me how many children I can have and then tell me that if I don’t comply I will not get any assistance. This should bother everyone.

Macron stunned supporters by saying that Africa does not need more aid, as its problems are “civilisational” rather than financial.

Source: Macron: Africa Needs Fewer Children

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