North Korea’s Missile Test Puts Region On Edge | Frontpage Mag

North Korea’s Missile Test Puts Region On Edge | Frontpage Mag

North Korea is at it again.  They test-fired another missile on Sunday.  This one did not fizzle out.  It traveled 430 to 500 miles, and it stayed aloft for about 30 minutes at an altitude exceeding 1, 240 miles before it landed in the Sea of Japan just 60 miles south of Russia’s Vladivostok region.  This missile exceeded in distance and altitude of the missile that they fired last February.  While this is not an intercontinental missile, North Korea is demonstrating with this successful test, according to at least one expert, a missile with a range as far as 3700 miles, putting Hawaii potentially at risk.  This should bother everyone around the world.  Unless they are stopped it is only a matter of time before they conduct another, more powerful nuclear test in its relentless march towards achieving a strategic nuclear deterrence that would provide it with the leverage to extort its neighbors and threaten the U.S. mainland at will.

In addition to stepping up cyberwarfare to sabotage North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, special force commandos are needed on the ground. According to the commander of Special Operations Command, preparations are underway for special force commandos to conduct covert operations against North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities in the event of any future conflict. We cannot afford to wait until after a conflict breaks out, however. At the very least, why wait to deploy special forces on the ground in North Korea to gather intelligence in aid of pinpoint targeting of nuclear weapons and missile sites, including underground facilities and mobile missile launchers? Improved intelligence could also improve the ability to destroy or intercept advanced ballistic missiles intended for test-launching before they travel very far.

Earlier this spring, Pacific Command commander Adm. Harry Harris warned in congressional testimony about the rising North Korean threat: “With every test, Kim Jong Un moves closer to his stated goal of a preemptive nuclear strike capability against American cities, and he’s not afraid to fail in public.”

I live in Hawaii and I have to tell you that this bothers me greatly!  The man is off balance and something needs to be done to stop this mad man.

Nuclear threat reaching point of no return.

Source: North Korea’s Missile Test Puts Region On Edge | Frontpage Mag

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