State Media Paints Stockholm Terrorist as Potential Victim of Poverty

State Media Paints Stockholm Terrorist as Potential Victim of Poverty

This statement is so idiotic that I can’t believe it.  News Flash Sweden!!!  poverty does not turn a person into a terrorist that runs people over and kills them without a thought.  Give me a break!  I grew up in a very poor home and it was a loving home.  I never once had a thought of getting in my car and running over people!!!  There are plenty of poor people all over the world and they are not going out there and killing people because they are poor.

This happened because this man is on Jihad.  He is an Islamic Terrorist and yes you allowed him to come into your country and wreak havoc on your citizens!!  Maybe the government of Sweden should be held accountable by their people for the loss of life due to Islamic Terrorism.  The have entrusted their safety to you and just look at what a mess you have made of your country.  I believe that the Swedish people need to start holding their leaders accountable for their ineptitude as leaders in the government.

The deadly truck attack in Stockholm could have been caused by poverty in Muslim Uzbekistan, Sweden’s national broadcaster explained.

Source: State Media Paints Stockholm Terrorist as Potential Victim of Poverty

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