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Support Rapture News Network

Rapture News Network is a Christian-based news site, providing news 7 days a week from a Christian perspective and safe from all malware and viruses. There are a lot of bad sites out there full of misinformation and malware that can harm your computer. That’s one of the main reasons that we started Rapture News Network, to provide a safe place for Christians to go for news, prayers, Biblical teachings, and sound doctrine without having to go to lots of different websites and without having to risk possibly getting a virus or malware on your computer.

Rapture News Network is provided as a free service to all its users and is funded completely by the site administrator. Any donations made or purchases made support Rapture News Network so that we can keep this site up and running and keep the news shared every day. It’s a lot of work, but we feel called by Jesus to do it and are happy to do it for free. A lot of people have written us and asked if there is a way to donate or if we have items that they could purchase to support the site. To be honest, we never actually considered it until after getting more than a few messages/tweets/emails asking. After a lot of prayer and thought we decided to make an option for donations as well as start a store where people can purchase products like t-shirts, phone cases, water bottles, aprons, jackets, etc. that will give a portion of the purchase price back to Rapture News Network.

We aren’t sitting here begging for donations, pray about it. If you feel led by Jesus to donate any small amount, please do so using the form below or in our sidebar. It’s through Paypal so it’s verified and safe and all credit cards are accepted. If you want to donate but also want to get something for it, you can purchase one of our items on our growing Spreadshirt website found here:  The sizes range from size Small to size 5XL for adults, Youth XS- Youth L, Babies onesies (listed as Underwear by Spreadshirt) sizes Newborn – 12 months, as well as toddler sizes 2T – 4T.

Right now we have 4 designs available (Maranatha in black, Maranatha in white, RNN Logo, Jesus is MY Way, MY Truth and MY Life) in almost any color you can imagine for t-shirts for men, women, children and even babies as well as jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, water bottles, phone cases, mouse pads, dog scarves, etc. We will be adding new designs weekly and if you have any ideas for designs that you want to see, let us know! You can email us at with your requests and ideas. We want RNN to be more than a site, we want it to be a community. We are going to add forums to the site in the next week or two so that you can also interact there!! Tweet us ideas as well on twitter @RaptureNewsNtwk.

Thank you for prayerfully considering donating to our site or purchasing items that help support our site! Whether you purchase anything or donate anything or not, prayer is always welcome and appreciated. It is very time consuming and sometimes stressful keeping this site running but when God guides, HE provides and we are so blessed to do this.


Donate below if you feel led to donate (or you can do it in the sidebar on our page)

Visit our shop here to check out our items (there are much more items/colors/styles available than what is shown on page 1, click on the menu on the site to discover what we have)





Men’s Shop (just a sample of all that’s available- there are many more colors, styles, items than pictured below)

Women’s Shop: (just a sample of all that’s available- there are many more colors, styles, items than pictured below) Also, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you need to buy “women’s” shirts. If you are more comfortable in basic t-shirts than the smaller cut women’s shirts, EVERY design is available in both the men’s and women’s shops. 

Children & Babies: (just a sample of all that’s available- there are many more colors, styles, items than pictured below) There are onesies for babies that aren’t pictured in the preview, available in many colors and with every design!

Accessories: (just a sample of all that’s available- there are many more colors, styles, items than pictured below)


Teresa is a Christian wife, mother and grandmother residing in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Though she first found Jesus in 1971, it wasn't until 2009, when she was diagnosed with lung cancer, that she truly drew near to Jesus and began living her life to serve Him. Though she was told that the outlook was bleak, by the grace of God and the amazing surgeons and oncologists He brought into her life, Teresa is now 8 years cancer free. She has since devoted her time to sharing the Good News of the gospel with all those she meets and talks to in person and online. She serves as a counselor and "grandma" on several different websites, offering counseling advice and prayer to believers and non-believers searching for answers. Teresa also has a passion for prophecy and the imminent rapture of the church and spends much of her time sharing news stories and Scripture indicating all of the prophecy happening in our world, everyday, before our very eyes.

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